Mark, Father of the Bride

As the father of the bride, the goal was to see the day my daughter dreamed about for years became a reality. The choice to use Turner Hall to celebrate her wedding day was undoubtedly the right choice. Hundreds of guests also agreed. My daughter did not want the typical wedding venue, where getting your name on the marquee is the way the facility tries to make you feel it’s your day. Turner Hall and the staff have so much more to offer, truly making it your day. The historic facility speaks for itself. The multi-leveled ballroom fosters the environment to create a unique setting that meets your needs, not the needs of the facility. The staff is very professional and motivated to ensure the customer achieves their dreams. At every stage of the process, we were confident we were on track to a successful event with the help of the competent staff (Ann). The flexibility, creativity and experience they have are highly valued. I strongly recommend using Turner Hall if you want more than your name in the marquee. Turner Hall allows you to collaborate and create a truly special day that everyone will remember